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Philadephia/Kansas City/Chicago/Mamapedia

March 24th, 2010 by jacqueline

Upcoming Events: Philadelphia and Cleveland

On April 7th, I’ll be speaking at the Free Library of Philadelphia (Central Library), 1901 Vine Street, at 7:30 pm, in partnership with Joseph Fox Books.  I hope to spotlight public school reform efforts in Philadelphia, so please come by, and help spread the word!

In June, I’ll be speaking at the Cuyahogo Community College, in partnership with the City Club of Cleveland for “City Club in the City.” The date is still pending, so please check back on the events page.

Past Events: Kansas City

Supporting neighborhood schools is a bit of a rough go right now for Kansas City, Missouri, so extra gold stars to Mayor Funkhouser for fighting the good fight. I was invited to sit on a panel with him and educational experts  to discuss the Mayor’s Schools First Initiative, and the reaction to the recent KCMSD plan to close a whopping 28 under-enrolled public schools. Watch segments of the hour long televised program of  Lesson Plan: The Future of Kansas City Schools” town hall meeting.

Try this on for size: What if Kansas decided to keep these schools open and turn them into community schools? Lots of people, including one of my favorite KC writers, Tom Ryan, are batting around some pretty creative solutions.

On one side of the river, people are ballistic; on the other, they’re just shaking their heads. The whole country is watching. Next month, there will be a new school board election; somebody should come up with a Plan B. mighty quick. Or, let’s say the current plan sticks, the remaining schools are going to need all the support they can get.

I also had the pleasure of touring the South East elementary school in Kansas City. The Principal, Diane Simpson, and her team of type-A parents, have forged a ton of mutually beneficial community partnerships. Inviting in the neighborhood improved South East by leaps and bounds, and the school has the test scores and accolades to back it up.  Always cool to see that versions of our Nettelhorst parents exist across the country!

What’s up with Chicago?

Budget cuts are wrecking havoc with Chicago parents. Unless more money comes from Springfield, CPS plans to close all the free preschools in the city! I sure hope this is a tactic from the old CTA playbook, because, why? why? why?

Please help Nettelhorst, and all the schools in the state, by saying NO to 37! Making your voice heard will take ten seconds of your time, promise.


I’ve been blogging for Mamapedia for a couple of months now; check out my latest post. Mamapedia reaches two-million moms–that’s a whole lot of mommies to lead a revolution!

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