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Saturday, June 19: Supercharge your school in just six hours!

May 20th, 2010 by jacqueline

This free, one-day session will show you how. Whether you’re a lone parent who wants to create positive change at your school —or part of a well-organized group with solid experience—you can get deep, no-cost access to people who will provide you with practical ways to organize and drive more resources into your school. Schools across Chicago are discovering that parents and communities can create a better environment for their children, using proven techniques and approaches that anyone can learn.

During this one-day session, you’ll meet and get practical advice from volunteers and experts who have hands-on experience improving Chicago schools. Whether you’re just starting out, or have successes under your belt, there’s something for everyone. From building community, to setting priorities and finding and securing new funding resources and partnerships, to creating new programs and overhauling facilities — you’re just six hours away from understanding how to improve your school in ways that may have seemed unreachable. Topic areas include:

• How to energize parents and community to support your school.

• How to set up your own not-for-profit group, including take-home documents-How to set priorities in your school, and find sources of funding to achieve real results

• How to ask for donations, including proven, take-home examples of appeals, proposals and campaigns

• How to create partnerships with organizations that can bring you expertise and volunteers for almost any project you can envision-and much more.

Attendance is limited to the first 100 registrants, two maximum from each school; this event is organized and managed by parents of public school students, who have dedicated themselves to putting the resources you need in one place, for one fast-paced day, so you can get to work immediately improving your school. There’s no sales pitch, no catch. This truly is a free event to share experiences, secrets and networks that can improve your school and your child’s life.

It all takes place Saturday, June 19th. You’ll even get lunch.

Register now, before space runs out

Questions? Shoot an email to SchoolSymposium2010@gmail.com

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