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Go Blackhawks!

June 1st, 2010 by jacqueline

In Chicago, we’re all a buzz about the Stanley cup. Last week, Nettelhorst’s Pep Rally for the Blackhawks was broadcast live on WGN. As I watched our kids whiz around our new field hockey field on the news-clip, the broadcaster’s line “Nettelhorst, the official school of the Chicago Blackhawks!” stopped me cold.

The Pep Rally was the culmination of three years of hard work. Last year, we were over the moon when we unveiled our new Blackhawks’ fitness room to the press. Watching the seamless fitness room launch, or the Pep Rally, or even the announcement of the partnership at Principal for a Day, it might seem as though events like these just fall from the sky. They don’t.

The success of the Blackhawk partnership–from the fitness room, to the hockey league, to the Health and Wellness initiative–rests on the hard work and dedication of Nettelhorst parents, from the inception, to the hustle, to the follow through. No doubt, we were extraordinarily lucky that our Alderman, Tom Tunney, made the initial introduction with Blackhawks President John McDonough, but after that, the school needed to deliver. And it did, in spades.

How to Walk to School provides a blueprint for how any school community can leverage resources and cultivate public/private mutually beneficial partnership. If you’re in Chicago, the Nettelhorst Community Group is offering a free, one-day session to show you how. Register now, before space runs out! Questions? Email SchoolSymposium2010@gmail.com

The Hawks won their second game last night, but even if we don’t win the Stanley Cup this year, the team’s already won every award in our book. And, we’ve got 650 excited public school kids to prove it.

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