How To Walk To School
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BZOTs as Nettelhorst's Principals for a Day

The Nettelhorst story has received significant media attention in the past eight years.

To see video clips or hear radio interviews with Jacqueline and Susan about Nettelhorst’s amazing renaissance, click on any of these links:

Nettelhorst Fence ProjectThe school’s Fence Project and participation as the first public school to walk in Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade has received a great deal of public attention:

Chicago Sun-Times: East Lake View school’s straight parents line up with gays

Jeff GarlinArticle in the University of Chicago CORE Magazine

Beyond the Quads: Roscoe Park 8 Takes Over

In Chicago Magazine, Arne Duncan, Obama’s new Secretary of Education, said of Nettelhorst:

Q: One education pundit I talked to said we’ll know that CPS is working when middle-class families send their children to the system’s schools in numbers far greater than they do today. Your response?

A: I think you’ve seen dramatically more middle-class children going to Chicago public schools. I can give you 30, 40, 50 neighborhood schools—Nettlehorst, Lincoln, Ogden, Alcott—there’s a whole series of schools.

Q: But citywide CPS is still predominantly low-income.

A: Poor. Yeah. The middle class has always gone to the magnet schools. What you see now is more middle-class kids going to neighborhood schools. And, you’re seeing public schools outcompete Lab and Latin and Parker for students.

For the complete interview:

Also checkout his interview on Charlie Rose extolling Community Schools; Jane’s Place at Nettelhorst was Chicago’s first:


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